Sep 30, 2011

Lemon Cheesecake

I've been a very bad blogger lately. No new posts, but I have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen, from huge dinner parties to simple suppers for two, and from small homemade biscuits to elaborate and decadent cakes. I have been a very busy girl! The last 6 weeks have been crazy with lots of our lovely family visiting and sickness the likes never seen before! But all that is over now and my appetite has returned with gusto and possibly a little more! Today's post is cheesecake, a firm favorite in our household. It was a few weeks ago that this cheesecake was quickly rustled up and I must note Mr.B is an master taster of cheesecakes, so when he was shown the pictures of the last one created he replied ''mmm is there some in the kitchen''. He looked so sad when I said no, so it will definitely be made again.

I find cooking really does suit my mood and what I cook or bake really is a reflection of my state of mind. So when sickness rears its ugly head I bake! Recently I have become obsessed with baking and reading about baking! I love the old cookbooks which always had the fantastic tips on how to get dough just right. The chefs these days will say getting the ingredients to the exact gram is the way forward. I must say having used this method with terrible results I resorted to my great grandmothers method, also known as 'by touch alone'. Not everything came out as well as it should but not awful either. I find that as I use this method my touch becomes a lot better. The last dish to be prepared this way was carrot cake and I have to admit it was the lightest cake I have made yet. So who is right? Well Nanna F would be very pleased to know that I will be using her method from now on!

So from cakes to cheesecake. This cheesecake was a spur of the moment kind of thing. The always crazy Mr.B had unfortunately left some quite expensive biscuits out which had gone a little soft so instead of throwing them out it was decided they would be fantastic as a bottom layer in a cheesecake. Lemon was the flavor chosen as its always rattling round for dressings and for preserving for tagines. This is probably the easiest cheesecake ever, with very little preparation but maximum satisfaction. Its especially handy when you know a few hungry people will want feeding. Its light but filling and you will be left with no leftovers although you might wish you had some the next day!

Serves: 6 or 1 Hungry Mr.B

For the Base:
100g Biscuits (Any ones you have, be creative and try a few together)
30g Melted Butter

For the Cream Cheese Filling:
200g Cream Cheese
100ml Cream
50g Icing Sugar
Zest and Juice of a lemon
2 Leaves of Gelatin

Place the biscuits in a zip lock bag and using either a flat bottom pot or a rolling pin bash up the biscuits. Be careful not to pulverise them. You want some chunks of biscuits in the base too. Add this to the melted butter and stir well until all the biscuit has been covered in the butter. Quickly spread the biscuit base into a spring form tin and chill until set. 

While this is chilling you can prepare the filling. In a large bowl whip the cream until soft peaks begin to form. Slowly add this to the cream cheese mixing well. Soften the gelatin leaves in a little cold water, remove and squeeze excess water from the leaves. Add them to a very small amount of warming lemon juice until dissolved. Allow to cool a little. Then add the gelatin mix, icing sugar, zest and any remaining juice of the lemon to the filling and mix well.

Spread the filling over the base and chill again for at least an hour before serving. 

Garnish with some lemon zest and serve with hot coffee!


  1. I am definitely in on this one -great taste and very little time. Sometimes we do not have the time for making that perfect baked cheesecake, but crave for the taste. This lemony pan cheesecake is awesome-thanks for sharing.

  2. I've been a bad blogger too! :) the good thing is I've noticed we seem not to be the only ones around this time of the year. So I guess it's not too bad! Anyway, I think your lemon cheesecake is a great way to make a comeback!

  3. A good no bake cheese cake recipe is great to have in your arsenal. I like this one a lot